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When we founded Vartek, we were determined to run the company a little bit different
than what has been done up to today.

We set “Commitment to Community and Sustainability” as one of our core values and
we mean to act upon this. After all, as individuals at Vartek and Vartek as an entity are all
part of a bigger community and exist in the same environment. We cannot exist in a
vacuum. It is our community and our home planet earth that lets us do what we do.

This is why we have a continuous responsibility against both our community and our
environment. We think long and hard about how we can give back and today I am
proud to announce that Vartek is launching its environmental initiative named
“Fabricating a Forest”. We are teaming up with a very well respected environmentalist
NGO and going forward we will together plant 5 trees for every Vartek press brake or
guillotine shear that leaves Vartek’s doors. We will also ship a certificate to our customers
together with their press brake or guillotine shear, showing their contribution to this

We are hoping to have 250 trees planted by the end of 2015 and 1,250 trees planted by
the end of 2016. Considering that a tree can absorb as much as 22 kilogram of carbon
dioxide per year, we will be helping offsetting a considerable amount of carbon
emission on our planet.

Our customers and us will have peace of mind knowing that we are offsetting their
carbon footprint by running Vartek press brakes and guillotine shears.

I believe in man made climate change and I believe every one of us has a part to play to
undo this, regardless of what we do or where we live. I hope this small gesture on our
side inspires other people and companies to do even more.
After all, we don’t have another planet we can call home

Emre V.