We know how hard it is to find experienced press brake operators, how hard it is to train rookie operators and our primary goal was to create a control that can be  run by anyone. And when we say anyone, we mean it!

Please ask your local dealer for a hands on demo and you will see what we mean!


A good press brake is only complete with a good control. A good control should be your companion and should solve problems for you, not the other way around.It should be simple enough both when you want to bend a one-hit L beam or want to tackle a complex 3D drawing.

Creating a simple yet elegant companion for you was our primary goal. We hope you like the features below we designed for your production to be more efficient and your products to be flawless.

Primaform13Whether you’re bending a box panel or a simple two hit part, you will find NexT’s carefully and elegantly designed 2D and 3D part creating interface a joy to work on.

On its 19″ beautiful and colorful touchscreen, a large canvas will display your part and will let you easily manipulate with taps and touches.

primaform14One part, three different tool stations. On NexT, it takes only a minute to set three or more different tooling stations.

Coupled with VisioForm LED system, you will literally spend two minutes setting up your machine for the next job.


You know you can easily create your part in 2D or 3D on NexT but you don’t even need to do that if you already have a DXF drawing of your part. Just load your DXF directly to the control or on the offline software and watch NexT magically transform a flat drawing in to a 3D part.

If you are creating your DXF on SolidWorks, NexT will read all the embedded information in the DXF like angle, allowance, radius, thickness and material type and will create a full 3D part without you touching a thing.

Primaform16Creating your part is half the job done but if you don’t choose the right tooling for your part, you will not get a finished part but a scrap. Even worse, you may end up damaging your tools.

This scenario is more common than you think and that is the reason we designed auto tooling feature on NexT. Once you finish drawing or importing your part, all you need to do is to hit autotooling button and NexT will offer the right punch and die. Stress free!

Primaform17Of course we don’t want you to stop your production while you are preparing a new part program.

You can prepare your part programs or import your DXFs on your PC and transfer them either through a network connection or with a USB thumb drive without stopping your press brake what it does best, running parts!

Primaform18When you are running a press brake, you spend most of your time on the control, creating parts, modifying parts and running parts.

This is why we spent a great deal of time creating our user interface, making it simple yet elegant, powerful yet easy to grasp.