If you are focused on productivity and efficiency in your shop floor as we are, you are aware that setup times for your machine can make the difference between running a profit or loss.

Different jobs require different tools and frequently changing tools on a press brake with a clunky clamp system is no fun. We agree and for this reason, we have equipped AccuraForm with the easiest tool changing system you can find.

Just mount your punch into the holder vertically and press the clamping button. The system will auto-seat and auto-align. You are done!


A common scenario. You need to set up multiple tool stations for stage bending a complex part. Backgauge fingers are already programmed by your CNC control but how do you align your tools with the fingers for each bending step?

Enter VisioForm! Our unique tool locator is a strip of LED lights that sit right above the punch clamp and will help you set up your tools easily by lighting up the exact spot you need to mount your tools. Along with the vertical punch mount ability, VisioForm makes it a breeze to set up your tooling stations.

But VisioForm does not stop there and also continues to guide you during the bending process. For each bend, VisioForm will light up the correct tool station so you will know where to gauge your part without even looking at your control’s screen!


Turning blueprints into parts is another process that can be time consuming and a productivity killer. No more with PrimaForm. You get a free copy of offline software that will run on your computer. You can create part programs in 2D or 3D and send to PrimaForm via network connection or transfer them on a USB thumbdrive.

You don’t even have to program your part manually. If you have a DXF drawing of the part, NexT can process that flat DXF and turn it into a full blown 3D part program!

DFX drawings exported from SolidWorks* will have crucial information like thickness, type of material, angle, allowance and radii automatically embedded and NexT can read all that information and create a fully formed product to run immediately without any intervention from you.


Choosing the right punch and die for the job is crucial. Choosing wrong tools not only causes your part to be scrapped but may even damage your tools.

Let NexT choose the right punch and die with one touch of a button. When you program a part, NexT’s autotool feature will search your tool library and will offer you the right punch and die for the job in hand.


Precision shops, working with high value materials like stainless steel and aluminum, hate to see the material being scrapped by overbending or underbending in the first run due to springback of the material or other factors in play.

We want your first part to be perfect so we have created a prototype mode that helps you bend the perfect part without scrapping your material.


AccuraForm’s backgauge (X,R, Z1, Z2) running on ballscrews and servo motors ensure precise gauging of your parts.

CNC controlled backgauge fingers are positioned automatically at the right place whether you are bending a small piece or full length plate.

cnc crowning

AccuraForm’s CNC controlled bed crowning system negates the deflection of lower bed during bending and ensures all-even angles along the full length of the bed.



State of the art Hoerbieger hydraulics with servo proportional valves, honed and chrome covered cylinders with precision ground pistons and high quality seals ensure decades of trouble-free operation.


Auto stop-start function stops all the electric motors when the machine is left idle for a specified time and starts right back when the pedal or start button is pressed.

This feature not only reduces your electric bill and help save the environment but also prevents the hydraulic oil from reaching high temperatures therefore keeps the angles consistent from the start of the day to the end.

advanceform07All NexT controls are equipped with remote diagnostic feature and in the unlikely event of an issue, our engineers can remotely connect to your machine and diagnose any issues you might have